Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Four Simple Steps to Tile and Grout Maintenance

1. Sweep or Vacuum high traffic areas daily and everywhere else according to a weekly schedule. 

2. Mop Regularly, minimum once per week, more for families
over 2-3 people or pets. Use fresh hot water, a clean mop head, and a detergent cleaning solution mixed according to the directions. Agitate the grout lines and any textured tile areas - that's where grease and oils are dissolved. Rinse with fresh hot water (you may add a couple ounces white cleaning vinegar to counteract detergent ph balance). 

3. Dry Quickly with fans if necessary

4. Have Tile and Grout Professionally Steam Cleaned at least ever 5-7 years, eliminating ground in dirt, oils and contaminants. Have premium grout sealer professionally applied, protecting the natural color for years to come. 

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