Monday, May 20, 2019

Sometimes we settle for poor service. What keeps us from changing?

Often times we engage businesses to help us, whether it is eating out at a restaurant or steam cleaning
and we come away from the experience with a “less than satisfied” feeling. It is not that they did not do a service, but something was missing. The next time we need that service though, we may tend to use them again because to try someone else means we might end up worse off with problems like overcharging, damaged property or even a job not finished. So what are some common issues we might face as customers?

There was unsatisfactory communication. We couldn’t get the waiter’s attention when needing drink refills. The technician did not arrive on time or give us an indication he might be late. We put it on our calendar a week ago, but have heard nothing from the company to confirm they will actually show up.

How about their presentation? If the worker or their equipment shows up in a state of disrepair or the food preparers have no hair nets on? No uniforms or name tags on workers to show who they are and what company they represent? A waitress without a pen?

We did not get the impression that the worker knew their trade well enough to answer our questions on how to treat pet stains in carpets or what item to suggest on a menu.

What about the quality of the product? Are they serving organic choices in the restaurant? Does the food arrive hot, fully cooked, and delicious? Does the cleaning service use green products? Do the floors or furniture come clean? Are all the products rinsed out, providing a safe environment for pets and family members?

They didn’t work on the details, like a spot or corner missed cleaning, a carpet wet for days, or maybe an appetizer that comes after the meal. The timing and order of a job matters, as well as how long it takes to complete.

Here are some things which set Old West Cleaning apart as the experts in steam cleaning CARPETS, UPHOLSTERY, TILE & GROUT:

We communicate. We ascertain the client needs at the beginning, when providing a written estimate (via phone & email). We include notes for our technicians. Our scheduling app sends the client a confirmation of their appointment and some standard expectations for prepping the area. When we perform the service we communicate tips and tricks for keeping the floors or upholstery clean after we are finished with our deep cleaning. We thank our clients and ask if there are any questions to follow up with us so we can address them immediately.

We present a professional image. Our equipment is clean and well-maintained. We are uniformed to identify our name and company so that clients can put their trust in us to say what we mean and mean what we say. We do not smoke or use inappropriate language on the job.

We have experience and credentials. We have trained in all the applicable IICRC classes and continue to stay educated on the latest technology and chemistry in our industry through periodicals, suppliers, and peers. We are putting 40 years experience to the test every day, always evaluating and progressing with our knowledge to provide the best cleaning of carpets, upholstery, tile and grout for the client.

We provide the best in quality to our clients. We use the best chemistry, equipment, and processes in servicing floors and upholstery. Our goal is to give the client maximum value for every dollar. We have a full chart of pricing, evaluated with our annual budget, so you get consistency and fairness. As we say, “Old Fashioned Service, with New-Fangled Tools”.

We spend time on the details. Whether it is getting corners clean or ensuring things dry fast, we are careful with the client furnishings and home. We look for ways we can help the client, even beyond the cleaning aspect.

Maybe it’s time you found a new cleaner? We are here to help and truly believe once you try us, you’ll love us. We stand by our values, providing them to our clients, and we are willing to prove it!

This is why we say, “Old West is the Best, Just put us to the Test!”

Call us today and stop settling for less 520-417-1881 or request an estimate online at so we can become your trusted resource for steam cleaning carpets, upholstery, tile and grout. You can even book an appointment straight from our website, give it try!

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